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Standardize/Validate Addresses in Excel - Address Cleanser


Validate and Standardize your Commercial and Residential Addresses in Excel

How does it work?

Say you have a list of addresses that are not USPS standard. Some of the things that might be missing are
  • Missing Zip Code or City Name
  • Incorrect (or non-standard) abbreviation
  • All address lumped into one cell, when you might one the address, city, state and zip to be displayed in different cells.
  • Validate whether the address exists or it doesn't exist at all.
This is the simplest tool on the internet to do that. We do this in 3 easy steps

STEP 1 - Paste your current data into the tool (tool is Excel based, so no third-party software installation)

Step 2 - Click Run


Step 3 - Just watch the tool generate the results for you with a cold Pepsi in your hand!

This tool will allow you to do standardize your us and and non-us (international addresses) in an Excel tool.
It uses Google API, very similar to what the USPS uses to change the address format into it’s legal equivalent.
The address will do the following:
  • Work with both Business and Residential Addresses
  • Correct your address information when possible (found)
  • add missing information such as Zip codes, Postal Codes, City Names State province names
  • Format the address component of the full address using the format preferred by the local authorities.
  • Provide both a split format (where address, city, zip and state and country are in a separate column) and a full address, where the full address resides in one cell for your benefit.
  • Provide Geo Location of the address (both longitude and latitude)
You can run as many calculations as needed. Please note that the tool uses Google Maps API to ensure that you get the most correct and up to date results. 
For questions or comments email me at jobs@excelVBAmaster.com