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Reverse Excel Geocoder 2.0 - Generate full Addresses from Longitude and Latitude


Excel Reverse Geocoder 2.0 - Convert Latitude and Longitude to full Addresses directly in Excel

Our Tool is the only Excel tool that allows you to generate full Addresses for a list of Longitude and Latitudes (Geocodes) 

How Does it work? Easy in 3 simple Steps

Step 1 - Paste your Geocodes (Longitudes and Latitudes) in our Tool as you would in Excel

Excel Reverse Geocoder 2.0

Step 2 - Click Calculate

Reverse generate Addresses from Longitude and Latitude

Step 3 - Watch as the tool generates EXACT addresses of your coordinates in an easy-to-use Excel format

How Does it Do it!

The tool combines our 15 year Development Expertise with the power of Excel and Google Maps to give you-the user up to date Addresses in an Excel-Like format. 

What is needed

-Excel Installation in your computer
-The Reverse Geocoder 2.0 

How Much does it cost

-There is a one-time-fee of 137 USD. We are the only software out there that does not charge a monthly fee. 
Please be aware that Google API key allows you to run 40,000 calculations every month free of charge. For anything above that, you will be charged by google @ 5 USD per 1000 request. 

What do you get for the one time price of $137 USD?

  • Our stat-of-the art Excel Reverse Geocoding Tool
  • 1 year of upgrades at not additional charge
  • 24 hour chat support (try us at the chat link below)

Still have questions? Contact us @ vinnie@excelvbamaster.com