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Matrix Excel Distance Calculator 2.0 - Calculate Distances in intersections between Addresses or Zip Codes in Excel (Matrix Format)



How easy it is to calculate distances with the "Matrix Excel Distance Calculator 2.0"?


Our Matrix Excel Distance Calculator allows you to calculate the driving distances between the intersections of 2 lists of addresses or zip codes. It is extremely useful for users trying to generate the list of all possible permutations of 2 sets of addresses as in the example below. 
Excel Matrix Distance Calculator
The Matrix Excel Distance Calculator brings you the power of a permutational distance calculator for addresses or Zip Codes DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EXCEL SPREADSHEET in a matrix format!
It uses the Ease of Excel with the Power of the Google Maps to bring full distance Calculator Functionality to your spreadsheet.
Whether it is for 100 or 10,000 calculations, our tool will allow you to automate the Distance Calculating Process! 


It allows the user to calculate Driving Distances in a uniquely Matrix Format from 2 sets of addresses directly in Excel. 


If you can copy and paste in Excel, you can use this tool. You paste your first set of datain the first row and your second set of data in the first column. 
Clicking the "Calculate" button will allow you to generate the results of the combinations directly into your spreadsheet. 
"The hardest part was setting up the API key. Vinnie walked me through it via a screen sharing session. Greatest Customer Service right on Demand! i cant believe the service level for a one-time 50 dollar software!"
-Tony Bedrosian - Owner - Best Deliveries, LLC 


The Excel Distance Calculator is the ONLY  tool out there that allows you to make thousands of distance calculations with the click of a button
-Make thousands of distance calculations with the click of a button
-Calculate distances directly in Excel
-No third party software installs
-Always up to date driving information with power of Google Maps
-One-time fee of $57. No monthly fees! 
"Previously I was using Bing Maps paying over 2,000 dollars per month to help me with the logistics of my business. I can't believe I was able to make my own calculations directly in excel for less than 50 dollars"
-Morris Morgan - Owner - PowerLine Industries 



How Easy it is to Use the Excel Matrix Calculator?

It is as easy as Paste and Click. The tool then generates the results for you. 

Calculate Distances in Matrix Format Excel

This tool allows you to calculate distances between addresses using Google Maps API. The Google Maps API gives you every month 40,000 calculations free of charge. (which is included in a 200 dollar Credit you receive every month.

  • There is no fee to get the google api key.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Pay as you go for calculations in excess of 40 thousand calculations per month. 
  • $5 for every 1,000 calculations in excess of the 40k calculations every month. 
  • The credit will reset every month.

This tool allows the user to do up to  100,000 calculations every 24 hours using theAPI key. This file has complete instructions on how to set everything up with Google to allow this extra functionality.  If you need any extra help setting this up feel free to email me.

Not What you are looking for?

If you need to calculate distances in a tabular format rather than a matrix format, please visit the page of our "Excel Distance Calculator"


If you are looking for Driving Time results instead of Driving Distance, visit our Excel Matrix Driving Time Calculator tool!


Still not what you are looking for?

Let me know if I can build something that matches your needs 100%. Email me at vinnie@excelVBAmaster.com


How to Use the Software

  1. Paste the first set of addresses in the first row (Row 1)
  2. Paste the second set of addresses in the first set of columns (column A)
  3. Push Calculate. The tool will generate the distances between the address intersections. 

Questions and Answers

Q: Will this work outside of the United States?
A: Yes, the input and output are the same as if you manually went to Google Maps and entered your locations and submitted them online
Q: Can I calculate the distance between exact addresses, not just Zip Codes?
A: Yes, the calculator can handle partial addresses as well as complete addresses. (Cities, States, Countries, etc.)
Q: Will this work on a Mac as well as a Windows Machine?
A: Yes, the calculator will work on recent versions of Excel for Mac as well as Windows.
Q: Are there any limitations?
A: Yes, driving distance is generated using Google Maps API which limits the results to 100,000 calculations every 24 hours per IP address. If you need more than this, please contact me at the email below.  vinnie@excelVBAmaster.com

Still have Questions? Email vinnie@excelVBAmaster.com

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