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Excel Driving Distance Calculator with Multiple Stops


The Excel Driving Distance Calculator with Multiple Stops allows the user to calculate a list of trips that have more than one stop (up to 5 stops). 

How does the Excel Driving Distance Calculator - Multiple Stops work? 

The user enters a Starting address and an Ending Address which are mandatory in Columns B and C of the Excel Sheet.

Excel Distance Calculator - Multiple Stops


Then the User, Enters the stops 1-5 if any in Columns H-L, up to 5 stops. 

Excel Distance Calculator with Stops

Please note that while Stops are not required, a precedence in stops is required. What that means is that if trip 15 has Stop 4 populated, Stops 1-4 need to be populated. Which makes from a practical standpoint. If we do not populate those stops, the tool will result in an error.