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Construction Crew Mileage Reimbursement Excel Calculator


Who and What this tool is for:

The Travel Reimbursement Excel Application is an Excel Based Tool used by Construction Companies to calculate the reimbursement due to the crew for mileage driven to the job site. It makes the reimbursement process a breeze and allows for the Mileage Calculation and the generation of slick documents with your company's logo on the fly

How the tool works

The purpose of the tool is to create a tool that makes generating the Reimbursement Forms a breeze. With the click of a button, the user can do each of the following:
  • Update the jobs for each employee by day.
  • Generate the miles for ALL THE TRAVEL between Employee address (home or office) and Job Locations
  • Generate a separate PDF with your Company Logo and Address for each employee to be emailed/printed

Let's explore each feature of the tool

Jobs Screen 

This screen/sheet is where we maintain the Job Information. Each Job requires a Job Name and Job Address. That's it! You can use a full address or just a zip code or city/state. 
As it is built in Excel, it is extremely easy to maintain, inheriting all the Excel Functionality. 
Construction Crew Reimbursement Tool  - Job Screen

The Employee Screen

In this screen we maintain the Employee Information For each employee we maintain the Employee Name and the Employee Address. The Employee Address (or you can use just the Zip Code) will be used to calculate the mileage for the day. 
Excel Employee Travel Reimbursement Tool

The Works Screen

This screen is where we can assign the jobs for each employee for the day of the week. The tool allows us to select a dropdown from the Employee List and the jobs those employees worked each day of the week. 

Fill out the Employee Columns and the jobs that that specific employee worked for the week. Each employee can be assigned one job per day. 
The Miles driven from Job to Site (whether one-way, or both ways) are calculated on the fly by the tool using the Google Maps Functionality. 
No need to copy and pasta data into Google Maps!!!
Excel Travel Reimbursement Calculator for Companies

The Settings Screen

Here we can maintain certain values such as the Google Maps API key (information on how to get the api Key is in the link below)
API Key - This is the key we get from Google Maps that allows for the distance Calculations
Non - Reimbursable miles - This is the amount of miles that are not reimbursed. For Example, most companies don't reimburse the first 20 miles of travel. So The employee has to travel over 20 miles in order to get reimbursed. Set Non - Reimbursable Miles to 0 if all the mileage is reimbursable. 
Reimbursable Rate.  - This is the dollar amount reimbursed per mile. 
Path to where you want to save the reports  - Click Browse and select the folder where you want the pdf files to be saved. Each file will be saved with the Employee name and date. Example "2020-05-23_John_Smith.pdf"
Excel Travel Reimbursement Calculator with Driving Time

The Template

This is where you can format how the Reimbursement form will look. You can change the company address, the logo and the look and feel. Please do not delete or add rows as that can mess with the tool to function properly. 

What do our Customers say of us?

Working with Vinnie and GS Software has been a pleasure from start to finish. His expertise became apparent right from the start of our time working together on this project. He was expeditious to provide aid and tweak the software as needed to fit my company’s needs; even creating a training video to support roll-out with my office team internally. All work was completed swiftly and well. I cannot recommend GS Software  highly enough. Vinnie is extremely competent, thorough, and provides a high value experience.
Zachary Martin
Stief Concrete Work, Inc.’

Q and A

Will the tool work on a PC and Mac?
Yes, this will work on a mac and PC

What Software do I need to install?
There is no need to install anything. The software is built in Excel, all you need is to have Excel installed.

What version of Excel Do I need
Any Version 2013 and newer will do just fine.

Do you need the tool Customized to your current Process and Company?

While this is a generic template that can probably meet the needs of 50% of the companies running crews out there, I also understand that each company is different and has a different process of handling the Travel Reimbursement process.

Please contact me at the information below, and I will help you customize the tool to match your current process. I have built over 150 different software for construction companies, chances are whatever feature you need, I have built it before
Email:   Vinnie@excelvbamaster.com
Phone:  801-243-8350


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